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Am I a member? How do I find out?

Call the MEA Membership Department at 1-800-292-1934 and any membership processor will be able to verify your membership status. You may also ask for MEA-Retired office to get the information.

What are the benefits of joining MEA-Retired/NEA-Retired?

You may visit the website to see the full list of benefits of joining. Or you may call MEA-Retired office at 1-800-292-1934 extensions 6264.

I am already in the AIM program. I understand the rate to join MEA-Retired has increased to $ 500.

What happens to my membership?

If you became part of the AIM Program which was launched in September 2005, you have contributed $10.00 per year and would have completed your financial obligation after twenty years.  At that time, you become a fully paid lifetime subscriber to MEA-Retired/NEA-Retired and have no further financial obligation.  Upon retirement, you would be an active member for life of MEA-Retired/NEA-Retired.   If you retired during that period, you would owe $10.00 per year for each unpaid year.  For example, if you retired in spring 2013, you have paid $80.00 and you still owe $120.00 to meet your full membership obligation.  You are protected under a grandperson clause, and the recent increases in membership fees do not apply to you.  The $ 500 membershp amount only applies to those who have joined MEA in recent times.

How can I find information on the website?

Please explore the website by clicking on either the pull down menus on the top or on the left side of the home page.  The resource tab leads into information that will be most useful to members.  Here you will find insurance information and links to publications by MPSERS.  If you need to contact a benefit provider the site contains both their website links and phone numbers.

How do I sign in to the “Member Login” section found on the top of the website?

Lifetime NEA/MEA members can login to the Member Login section by using the following credentials.

Username: (first letter of your first name + last name Tom Smith = tsmith
Password: (last four digits of your Social Security Number)

Click on login.

What happens when I login to the Member Login section?

Once you have logged into the Member Login system a form will pop up allowing you to update your profile information. A second, blue navigation bar will appear under the normal navigation at the top of the page. This is the members only navigation bar that contains additional information available for members only, not for the general public.