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What MEA-Retired Is Doing

  • Writing letters to Legislators. 
  • Meeting with legislators. The Officers and MEA-Liaison Paul Helder have met with several Legislators.
  • Serving on the MEA Crisis Team
  • Reading Scholarships
  • Attending MEA Representative Assembly, NEA-Retired Annual Meeting, and NEA Representative Assembly
  • Serving as liaisons on the MEA Commissions, Committees and Task Forces
  • Serving on MEA-Retired Committees
  • Applying for NEA Grants
  • Serving as Mentors to Student MEA members.
  • Writing letters, sending e-mails, making calls, and meeting with Legislators.
  • Serving as Chapter Officers.
  • Visiting Retired Chapters
  • Sending letters to Retirees who have not completed paying their AIM Dues.
  • Attending MEA Board meetings
  • Attending MEA PAC meetings.
  • Marching in many rallies all over the State.
  • Serving on Screening and Recommending committees.
  • Attending MPSERS Board meeting.
  • Sending out the Michigan Retirement Report five times per year 
  • Sending a monthly newsletter called the MEA-Retired Tribune
  • Answering phone calls and questions from Retirees and Pre-Retirees
  • Working the Read Across America table at conferences
  • Working the Retired table at conference


  • Investigating and upgrading our Michigan Retirement Report
  • Researching with Chapter Presidents to gather information for a strategic plan
  • Designing ways to go green
  • Reorganizing the MEA-Retired website
  • Restructuring the Annual Meeting process


In late May and early June, Blue Cross Blue Shield will be mailing the Verification of Coverage forms to be completed and returned. You may mail the form back to BCBS. You may call customer service and respond or you can complete the form online. As you may recall, in the past over 2,700 retirees neglected to return the information and had their insurance cancelled. This form is required by Federal Government.